Coffee. Running. Makeup. Sleep.


  1. It’s been a while since I checked out a new-to-me coffee place and told you guys about it. It was supposed to be a semi-monthly series, to find some really great stand alone coffee shops with really cool vibes. I’m going to one tomorrow, but for safety reasons I don’t want to tell you where I went, until after I’m back home. Ha! However, the next one I want to go to is called 85°C, it’s in Cupertino. I’ll give you the run-down whenever I get a chance to pop in.
  2. The Guy and I have been running regularly. It’s rare that I’m in the mood for a run, but I’m enjoying the distraction of the length of the run when The Guy and I bring Alfie along, and I have to make sure he doesn’t launch in front of me when something scares him on the road. I only like to bring our dog once a week for a long run (for him), because I don’t want his little legs to get sore. We are amping him up slowly! This weekend past I had the urge to run both on Saturday and Sunday, can you even believe I initiated both times? Me neither, and each time was 6+km (that’s over 3.7km for the people who speak in miles). I speak in kilometers still, because let’s be honest — in kilometers sound like I’ve ran further than I did in miles. Ha!
  3. I’m thinking of creating another weekly feature on the blog. On Fridays as you know I feature our Pomeranian, hence the name POM Friday’s. I would like to blog about beauty products weekly. Something like Beauty Talks Tuesday. Does that sound dumb, or no? The name of the series, I mean. I’ve been trying to come up with a name and I’m stuck.
  4. I tweeted this out yesterday, but I am way too excited to only tweet. It needs to be blogged about. The Guy and I are upgrading our double sized bed that we’ve had for 9.5 years, and we are upgrading it to a Beautyrest KING SIZED BED. I will have all the room to sprawl out. Now the only thing I have to think of now, is bedding ideas.

Let me know something random going on in your life.

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