Inexpensive gift ideas

Sometimes you have to buy presents for people you don’t really know all that well. In which case you’re in dire need of something generic, but not too generic of a gift.

I bought a present for an acquaintance’s wife who I’ve met maybe a handful of times. We’re invited to her birthday. Well, it’s good that I knew straight where to go. We have a local boutique that sells cute scarves for cheaper than H&M or any place in the mall.

All scarves are $10, so I ended up picking this one out. I don’t want to unravel it, but it’s nice!

Did you know that the dollar store is a great place for wrapping paper, gift bags and ornaments? Seriously, so adorable and super cheap.

This is what I picked up from the dollar store. Including those Christmas bulbs!

I think I did pretty well, the entire gift/wrapping/card cost me an entire $13! 

Look how nice it turned out! I’m impressed with myself.

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