I want a slow cooker/crock pot

Who here has a slow cooker / crock pot? (Side note, there were so many vulgar spelling mistakes in those first few words… backspace key is my bff). I’ve read on two of my favorite blogs now, the girls are using their crock pots this week, and it’s making. my. mouth. water. Lawrd!

(Thanks for the image, Walmart!)

After about a year of thinking about one, I’m thinking more seriously about going out and just buying one. The thing about them that irks me though, is that I’m not the biggest fan of mushy food. So I need a bit of convincing that what I will get, I will like the meals. Can everything be cooked in there at the same time? Rice, chicken and veggies? How does that even work? I’m sure it’ll come with a manual and all, but it’s rather interesting to me, to put it bluntly.

I’m getting busier in the evenings and I find myself running out of time. Having supper made and ready to eat by the time I get home seems like such a luxury. Almost like I’m living with my parents again, haha.

Do you use a slow cooker?
How many people can it make food for? I know there’s different sizes you can get as well.

What are some of your favorite healthy meals in the crock pot?

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