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I’m a pleased ebay customer

I love new things. Ignore the pinner arms.

Wow! That was fast shipping on the Ebay sellers part. My Timex Ironman watch came in the mail yesterday — I ordered it on May 27, and it was shipped out the next day. So with the American Memorial Day holiday it only took 2-3 business days! Isn’t that insane? Too bad there aren’t any more watches I’d like to order from him. But good customer service on his part has gained himself another buyer. My running buddy (hi!!!) is also getting one!

Yesterday morning I went to my third physio appointment, he had me doing some exercises and mentioned to me that my ankle seems to be doing well. I agreed and said it hasn’t hurt since I’ve been wearing the brace. I didn’t have to book another appointment! Wearing that crazy thick brace (will widen my poor cleats) will definitely help me play more stronger and harder. Hoorah! Apparently they’re setting up a massage/physio tent at the finish line of the 5k (and 10k) race that I’ll be doing later this month — so I’ll see my name twin (who used to play soccer with us) and my physiotherapist.

Two thumbs up for healthy bones.

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Ebay genius

After packing up my apartment I thought to myself, instead of giving my articles of clothing to good will — I should have sold them on ebay! I never got involved with ebay before and I decided to just randomly sign up a few days ago, and search for a few of my favorite things like the Lululemon brand. I’m a huge fan of this store and I’ve got headbands, pants, sweaters and even hair elastics from the store. But what I found on ebay was something incredibly odd and I will explain why in a moment.

When I went to purchase my hair ties from the Lululemon store in Toronto, they came in a 6 pack for maybe $10? I’m not sure because I bought them forever ago — but on ebay this one girl is selling her ONE hair tie and it’s up to four bucks already. Like holy cow, are you serious? People are willing to buy these hair ties for four bucks a pop? They don’t even fit in everyone’s hair properly, because I gave one to my soccer team mate during the winter and her hair is thicker than mine and it busted on her.

Maybe I should start selling some things that I don’t use/want. I wonder if people would actually buy them?

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