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Golden Arches hunt for #EqualCanada #CBias

What a weekend! There are now just a few more days until Christmas and a few more days until our holiday break from work. Of course, the malls and everywhere in between are jam-packed with shoppers finishing up the majority of their Christmas shopping. But it wasn’t as bad as you may think. Yesterday, Scott and I ended up heading out to shop and, at first, the mall was pretty busy.  That is, until the traditional mall closing time of 6pm when the crowds suddenly began to thin out. I’m not sure everyone realizes how late the stores stay open for Christmas shoppers!

We hit up a bunch of places including Walmart to pick up a few groceries for the rest of the week. We didn’t need too much; just a few essentials.

As we were finishing up our shopping, supper time had come and passed and our tummies were growling a bit. I think my tummy was growling at the impatient shoppers. But that’s a topic for another day. I thought this was a perfect time to treat Scott and I to a feed of McDonalds, thanks to #EqualCanada and #Cbias. I’m always a fan of stopping at McDonalds since they offer free wi-fi and I can use my iPad.

Hmm, what to order? Scott ended up using a free Big Mac Meal coupon he had, and I got my specialty: the McDouble, plain. Only cheese please.

I give my extra burger patty to Scott since it’s cheaper to order a McDouble (2 patties) than it is to order a cheeseburger. (I think…maybe it’s just because Scott likes to have an almost-double Big Mac).  He went for an extra McDouble as well for good measure.

Love free re-fills. Did I get the Coke Zero, or the Barq’s? Take a guess!

When I placed my second order of the evening, I decided to get a coffee so we could take it to go, and bring it with me to sip on as we finished up our shopping.

After I placed my order I asked the cashier if there was Equal available instead of sugar. He honestly had no idea what #EqualCanada even was. It was funny. He asked me and I said it was a sweetener. He then asked me why I’d rather Equal than any other options and I told him that it just tastes better in my opinion. He nodded and smiled as he was ringing my coffee through. One of the credit card machines was down so we continued to chat.

From there, I asked him if there was a comment card that I could fill out. He called out to the manager who came over to greet me (they were both super friendly and great to deal with), but the manager apologized and said they didn’t have any comment cards. I thought that was a bit strange, because aren’t they usually hung up in a little holder on the wall where you can grab one and fill it out yourself? I told him it was okay and I suggested that I could just fill out the survey mentioned on the back of the @McD_Canada receipt instead to suggest that McDonalds carry a variety of sweeteners to give customers more selection.

The situation got more silly at this point because I ordered a medium black coffee, but the guy filling my order said there weren’t any medium cups in stock either.  So, as a bonus, I ended up getting a large, filled to the brim with coffee.  We were both laughing.

Sweet, upsized for free! The one thing I really enjoy about McDonalds coffee is not only the taste, but the cups are from the future. The lids are not flimsy and the top easily pops up and stays with the lift of your finger.

And no asking for double-cupped cups anymore since they are already two layer insulated!

As soon as we got home from our shopping excursion, I did fill out a McDonalds survey. They don’t put it on the back of their receipts for nothing, right?

Hearing feedback from customers is important to any business and a really great way to interact with large corporations.

Have you ever filled out the McDonalds survey before?

I hope everyone is almost finished up the majority of their Christmas shopping. Does anyone have people left to buy for?

If interested, here is some more information about Equal. Visit Equal online, tweet @EqualCanada, and @McD_Canada or like Equal Canada on Facebook.

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias. All opinions are my own.

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Thanks everyone!

I’m very surprised of the outcome in the poll that I had you guys do the other day.

I subscribe to about 100 blogs via Google RSS feed, and I have a handful of couple that I love seeing update daily. But for the most part I skim through the pictures and text and basically hit it as read. So I’m glad everyone (for the most part) would like that I keep updating as often as I do!

Thanks for the feedback and your support.

I have another giveaway for you guys which will be great for either you, or you can also give it away as one of your Christmas presents to someone. This giveaway will be only a handful of days long just so we can co-ordinate and get the basket out to you in time for Christmas.

I have a total of 13 gifts to buy for this upcoming Christmas, and I’m also doing a swap with a Katie on YouTube. It’s not a huge deal to some as many people give to many more people than that. The problem with me, is that I start shopping early, and I end up giving people multiple small gifts. It adds up!

I’m also responsible for picking out a small number of gifts for people at work. Christmas is steadily approaching and we all need to straighten out our gift ideas.

For those hard to shop for co-workers, friends and family? Why not get a Gourmet Gift Basket? I mean, the kind folks at Gourmet Gift basket would love to give one of you lucky readers one!

Gourmet Gift Baskets are great as mostly everything is already paired up for you. You just have to select whether the person is a chocolate / biscuit or even coffee lover. I’m excited that I even noticed the baby baskets that is available on their website. In the past I have done my Christmas shopping online. It’s much easier than having to go to a store, wondering what you’re going to pick out for someone.

There is such a diverse selection on the Gourmet Gift Baskets website that it would appeal to anyone of any age for that matter, as the baskets just aren’t simply “one set style”. Plus you can keep the adorable baskets once the receiver is done with them. Fill them with towels to put in the guest bath, or even keep it in the kitchen for fresh fruit.

The one I received from Gourmet Gift baskets was called the Christmas Gift Basket Classic filled with cookies, pretzel dip, candy popcorn, crackers and some other fun eats.

You can spot Alfie’s (my dog) nose sniffing that unopened package. (All these images you can click to enlarge)

Unopened, and then just opened! Eee!!

All the goodies spread out.

I was most excited to try these chocolates out. I’m a HUGE turtles fan, and these were uh-mazing. They’re dark chocolate and very tasty.

The first thing my boyfriend looked at were the labels — No transfat!

It’ll be exciting for the next few nights to try each and every one of these goodies out. I can’t all divulge and try them in one evening. I’d get a tummy ache! Stay tuned for my tastebuds review :)

Dark chocolate and wine anyone?

These look great.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to put it all back in the basket though, hehe!

You can also view the massive selection (on the right hand side) of gift baskets they have to offer . Anything from Italian Food Gift Baskets (which you’ll have a ton of options under that selection), tea and cookies (4 different packages), sweets (tons to choose from — drool), even cupcakes and New Years! How fun. Like i said — there’s just an endless possibility on who and what event to shop for.

How to enter: Comment on this post with the words “Gourmet Me” and…
Bonus entries:
Tweet it (1 entry per tweet tweet multiple times!). Blog it (5 entries for 1 post). Facebook fan it (6 entries for becoming a fan).
Giveaway ends: Tuesday December 6th at 10pm EST.
Who can win?: Anyone in the USA and Canada!
When to claim: Winner will be drawn by and announced on Wednesday December 7th. If the winner does not respond within 48 hours I will draw another name.

Good luck!

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