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She’s pregnant!

My friends from Newfoundland, Allyson and her husband Robb moved to South Korea over ten years ago. We’ve stayed in touch throughout the years and have been talking to each other on Facebook, sending Christmas cards in the mail and never losing track. I honestly thought I wouldn’t see them for a few more years. Well, ten years is a tremendous amount of time without seeing a good friend. I never thought they’d move back to Canada.

One of the primary reasons they’re moving home? My friend is expecting a baby girl!

On their excursion back to The Rock they had plans of stopping in Ontario. I knew I had to meet up with them, regardless of their location. Thankfully, they are staying at a friends house not too far from me. I didn’t have my car this weekend so I took public transit into Toronto and hung out with them all day Saturday!

The first thing I did when I knew I’d be seeing them before I was home in Newfoundland, was do a baby shop for the expecting parents. If any Mommy-To-Be’s love a good bargain, head over to Bonnie Tog’s. Nothing was over $12. I kind of got out of control shopping for a little girl. All I’ve ever shopped for were nephews or little boys! Girl clothes were so fun, check out the goodies!

How cute are those Oshkosh overalls?! Those plus the little leggings are my favorite. Oops, got them in the photo twice, that’s’ how much I like them. Ha piled into this cute

This weekend I met up with them both in Toronto, and like a bad rash I stuck with them all day not letting them out of my sight, ha ha.

Pointing at her pregnant 5 month belly!omg-shes-pregnantThe parents-to-be!!!allyson-and-robb

We decided we were going to get some grub. We started walking around downtown Toronto and I thought I’d bring them to Hot House Cafe, a restaurant I went to in June (side note, I’m wearing the exact same outfit. Oops!. But unfortunately I walked in the completely wrong direction (for a really long time lol) and by the time we looked at a GPS we were too hungry to back track. We ended up in the gay district and directly across the street we saw a decent looking restaurant called Hair of the Dog and decided to pop in there to sit down and catch up on the last ten years.

Every menu had a different pup. Super them so much!!!lunching-with-Allyson

We sat down and ordered some drinks. Beer and martini’s for Robb & I. Water for the

Allyson started opening her baby gifts. baby-clothes

After Allyson was done opening her gifts, they both had a favor to ask of me. Apparently. Hmm?? Well it was the best news of the year for me. Allyson and Robb asked me to be V’s God Mother! How crazy exciting is that? I gladly accepted the request. SOOO thrilled!!

Our sever asked what was up, and I told him that my friends and I haven’t seen each other in years and he suggested he take a photo of us all at the table. So nice of him.three-of-us-at-hair-of-the-I ended up ordering the chicken club. Pretty tasty.chicken-club

Once we finished our lunch, we chatted for a really long time at Hair of the Dog. We decided to leave and go for a stroll to a cafe for dessert. We popped into a Starbucks and sat outside for another bit, telling stories about their travels literally all across the globe. Their new nick name should be the Globe Trotters. It’s amazing to hear about the places they’ve visited throughout the years.

Two lemonades for the ladies, a coffee for Robb and some dessert. starbucksThis particular Starbucks location closed down at 5pm, so we literally got kicked out. At that point Robb & Allyson had to head back to their relatives place as they were heading out for supper later on in the evening.

So it was time to say my goodbyes. Not for ten more years, just for a few months, as I like to fly back to Newfoundland 3x/year I’m likely to see them in October during Thanksgiving. saying-solong

Until next time, you two!untilnext-timeQuestions for you….

What’s the furthest you’ve ever traveled?
I’ve been to British Columbia, and Ireland but I haven’t been to South Korea, Fiji, France or all these amazing places like my friends!

Are any of your friends pregnant?
Just one of my friends at the moment!

How often do you see your parents?
I see mine 3x a year.

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Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway # 2

The holidays are just around the corner, and I couldn’t be happier. A few weeks ago, I went to mail a friends birthday present two days after Halloween was over, and the Christmas music was already playing. Love that. It’s never too early ;)

In fact, Christmas decorations and trees were decorated in the basement part of The Bay when I went shopping with my co-worker to buy some wrapping paper, and ended up buying a set of sheets instead. Oops.

At least they keep me warm — I love a classy look to the bedroom. Unfortunately, everything I buy is grey. Guess that’s my new favorite color shade.I’m just excited to go home for Christmas. There will be plenty of parties, family dinners, friends from all over the country flying back home and us all getting together. Plus, hanging out with my sweet little nephews.

For any guests or visitors, you need to have a clean home. Inevitably people will either be in the kitchen or the bathroom at some point in the evening.

Ain’t that the truth!

One day I’d love to be fortunate enough to hire a maid to clean our apartment. But right now, I’m the one who has to clean things.

I have a nice and easy way to clean up in a breeze, using these Rubbermaid products despite anyone’s busy work schedule.

Here I am getting rid of all the water marks in our shower. This scrubber-thing is a winner. It’s… WINNING! in my books (Sorry. Had to). Loved how abrasive the cleaning pads were. Little elbow grease was used here, and I made the Rubbermaid scrubber do all the work! ha!

You guys get to win one of these mop sets too, valued at $50.00. YAY!

 Contest is only open to Canadians.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


A few questions on what you can leave in the comments, for your blog post entry!

Do you have any holiday traditions?
We do! On Christmas morning, everyone opens their gifts at home. Then, with our PJs still on, we put on our winter coats ‘n boots and head over to the neighbours house to have Christmas breakfast, coffee and open a few more gifts. It’s always something I look forward to.

Do you have a set day that you clean? or do you clean as you go?
I would love to be a clean-each-day person. But I honestly wouldn’t stop running around if I did that. I usually keep the kitchen very clean on a daily basis, because otherwise I’d get overwhelmed.

How often do you clean your shower?
Gotta be honest. I only clean my shower walls when it looks like I haven’t done it in a while. As for the bathtub, sinks and toilet – those suckers get cleaned on a weekly basis. There’s nothing more gross than a dirty bathroom.

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Saturday solo trip

What did your weekend look like?

I got my Boyf to drop me off at the bus station bright and early on Saturday morning, so I could take a day and just explore shop Toronto. I love navigating the big city and taking the subway and feeling super independent. Sometimes I do get lost, but everyone’s friendly and will help you out if you ask. Though I didn’t feel like asking anyone on Saturday… and of course, got lost.

I snapped a bunch of photos with my blackberry. So let’s just go in for a re-cap!

First stop: Luminato Vichy “tent”.  I met up with Priya, a friend I’ve met online as she previously worked at Glymm in Montreal. Now she’s with L’Oreal and we finally had a chance to meet!

Vichy booth (courtesy of Vichy’s FaceBook page)

I got my skin analyzed. It was interesting to find out that I have dehydrated skin, and not dry. My skin’s moisture level was at 30.6% and should be anywhere between 40-50%! I also got a UV filter snap shot of my face. It was scary looking, but I didn’t have any sun damage on my face, luckily. Since I tanned for about 5 years in tanning beds a number of years ago.

Priya and I went for iced coffees together, spotted the Beibs singing at Much Music, and giggled about how he was actually here and we don’t even like him! Ok, I lied. I like one song. His newest, where he sounds like Justin Timberlake.I wonder if that was really Sarah McLachlan singing next to the Vichy booth after all? Some random guy walked up to me and asked who was practicing singing. I blurted out immediately that it was her, but I got the strangest what the f look from the guy. I laughed so hard, but I mean it sounded just like her! Who knows.

I thought this stage was set up especially for the Lil’ Beibs but apparently the Much Music Video Awards was about to happen that weekend. I got yelled at for going back and stopping to take this photo. On this side of the street, you weren’t allowed to stop and look. Had to keep on keepin’ on. The other side was filled up with teeny-boppers screaming.

One of my favorite places in Toronto: Young and Dundas Square. It’s always soo busy. There was even a 8 foot Spock (from Star Treck) standing around. I jumped a little off to the side when I saw him, and he just stared. Stared! I wanted to take a photo but I didn’t. I have to admit. The only reason I snapped this photo was because I saw a CrossFit billboard :)

Next I went to Forever 21. Sure I may be classified by some as being too old to shop in this store. But I have to disagree. I can’t help but get sucked in. They have such nice, trendy, inexpensive clothes. I have some expensive clothes, mixed in with some not-so-expensive clothes. I like my style and pairing things to make a good outfit. It’s not like I’m shopping at Hollister or Abercrombie plastered all over my t-shirt. Forever 21 has some really nice pieces, without it looking like it’s from there. Know what I mean? If you can make it work, shop there. I wear my Forever 21 jeans way more often than my $100 jeans from Fidelity. I love their $11.30 jeans. I wear them every Friday to work, including yesterday to Toronto. May I repeat myself? They were $11.80.

I spotted some Nike Free’s 3.0 at the Nike store in Toronto. I kind of want them. They’re not as nice as the one’s I already own though ;)

I did a bit of browsing around at Urban Outfitters for the first time in a really long while. There was a band playing upstairs called Young Magic. The music definitely wasn’t for everyone. But I enjoyed it while I was there, and contemplated buying their CD. You can listen to their music on the link I provided just above.

After doing some shopping I grabbed some food…

That was basically it. My entire day revolved around mostly the Young/Dundas area. I had a quick bite at the Food Court (chicken ceasar crepe) and hopped on the greyhound back home. 

What did your weekend look like?

I’ll have another blog post coming up this week of what’s inside those two shopping bags above! I must sort through all of my receipts from the past few months and shred them. Looking for paper shredder ratings is silly. I don’t know why I’m doing it. All shredders really are pretty much the same.

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