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Outfit of the work week on a Wednesday night? What’s all this nonsense?I’ll be Wearing Cute Shoes to BlogHer '11!I’m on vacation this week in flipping San Diego California for BlogHer. I won’t be blogging, but most likley updating twitter on a regular basis. Follow me there!

Fret not friends! I have a few bloggers lined up (3 in total) to do some guest posts for me. So stay tuned for that. I’ll be back to regular blogging next week. See you guys then! :)

Psstt….In case you’re wondering why I blurred out my face in today’s image it’s because I wasn’t wearing a stitch of makeup and I felt my cheeks were too red lol. So there ya go.

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T r a v e l / / /

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 E v e n t s / / /

F a s h i o n / / /

F i t n e s s  / / /

B e a u t y / / /

F o o d   &  D r i n k / / /

T e c h  / / /

H o u s e h o l d  / / /

P e t s  / / /

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