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What I Wore to BlogHer’14: The Blue Dress

BlogHer14-Blue-DressI saved this batch of photos for last, because they weren’t taken on anything fancy. These are straight from my BlackBerry Z10, hence the difference in quality from Jessica‘s photos. I still wanted to feature them because this dress received so much attention from people at the blogging conference, and on the blog as soon as I featured it on my BlogHer recap.





anthropologie dress
smart set cardigan, banana republic belt
old navy gold ring, charlotte russe flip flops

Oh this blue dress. I recently purchased it at Anthropologie for the cost of a couple of limbs. Anthro is my favourite store to shop at, but I try not to go inside too often because I want everything I see, and I cannot afford 90% of the things for sale there, except for things on major clearance. Regardless of that, I picked up this dress and immediately had buyers remorse. I left the tags on until the day I wore it, on the final day of BlogHer’14. My oh my, I have to be honest, I have never received so many compliments on an article of clothing I’ve worn. Ever. It made me feel like a million bucks. Women were asking where I got it, some were complimenting my legs (ooo, thanks!), and a man or two stared which boosted the ol’ ego.

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What I Wore to BlogHer’14: Outfit 2

BlogHer14-Day2-001Today is my Momma’s birthday. I can’t wait to eventually fly home to Newfoundland Canada and see her. Soon. My Mom will be getting a special birthday surprise from me — and I can’t wait to see her reaction when I tell her what she’s getting. No, it’s not a baby.








H&M top, charlotte russe sunglasses
etsy necklace, JC Penny jeans
J Crew heels

Hopefully you liked the first outfit that I put together for the BlogHer’14 conference in San Jose which I posted on Friday. Isn’t my friend Jessica incredibly talented? I feel so fancy posting these outfits. I kind of want her to follow me around constantly taking these sort of photos.

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Fashion Friday: What I Wore to BlogHer’14

What-I-Wore-BlogHer14I thought it was due time to publish another outfit of the day post, and what better time to do it than at a blogging conference? My friend Jessica snapped and edited these photos of me (minus the one’s in the blue dress because we forgot to do them that day). I felt fancy, modelling for her.






charlotte russe sunglasses
etsy necklace, dynamite top
target pants, tory burch flats

Fun fact about that Hawaiian top. I bought three of them last summer. I know, overkill. I loved the shirt so much I never wanted it to wear out. Thankfully I came to my senses and gave one of them to my sister-in-law while she was visiting. Now I simply have a back up. The target pants make me feel phenomenal in them, they hug me in all of the right places. But heavens, they’re terrible to sit down in — the fabric won’t budge.

I have a few more outfits that were photographed by Jessica throughout the BlogHer’14 conference in San Jose. Stay tuned and they’ll be featured next week.

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