My CrossFit Journal (1 Year, Week 34)

One of the CrossFit coaches “signed me up” for the 50 day push-up challenge. This is why I love CrossFit so much. My coach is interested in seeing people improve. Last year he suggested I do push-ups x many times per week, and the next week up my number by 5 or 10. It didn’t last long, I did it for about a month straight and fell off track.

Now, he’d like to see me do the 50 day push-up challenge. Which means: 1 push-up on day 1. 2 push-ups on day 2, 3 push-ups on day 3, and carry on until you reach 50 days. HOLY CRAP. Let’s hope this works. Today, being Monday I’m on day 5, so 5 push-ups today. I’ve done them already. I also really don’t want to do the push-ups off my knee’s, but I also don’t want to do them off my toes if I have to lay my chest down. I do the push-ups with my elbows in, since that’s the way the coaches are suggesting. I can do much more, if I just keep them out “normally” while working the chest rather than the tri’s.

I’ve created an image to keep me motivated. Which is also why I’m blogging about it, and will be checking in weekly to see how I’m doing.

It’s a way to #MyBetter.


year 1, week 34, day 1.

 Pendlay Row

  • 4-4-4-4


  • 5 Hang Split Snatch RS; 115/85lbs
  • 10 UB Burpees
  • 5 Hang Split Snatch LS; 115/85lbs
  • 10 UB KB Swings; 24/16kg

I think this is where I injure my shoulder, though I can’t be sure. I felt it tweaked on day 4. More about that below.

I sure as heck didn’t use the prescribed weight, as I rarely ever do. I think I used a 35lb bar with two 5lbs, or 2.5lbs on either side. I didn’t write it down.


year 1, week 34, day 2

10 Minute Muscle up Work

5 Rounds

  • 30 Box jump 24/20″
  • 30 Wall ball shots 20/16lb

I finished the WOD under the time limit (23 minute limit, if I remember correctly), so that’s all good. I only used an 8lb medicine ball for the Wall balls, since I cannot stand them. For the box jumps I used 20″.


year 1, week 34, day 3 Soccer game!

We won 1-0. Had quick sub’s on/off the field throughout the whole game. It was a well played game on both teams. We played on Halloween night and one of the guys on the other team was dressed up in a full-on cow suit, and played the game like that. It was hilarious.


year 1, week 34, day 4


3 RM Decifit HSPU



  • 5 ring dips
  • 5 push press (135/95)
  • 20KB swing (24/16)

I set up 3 ab mats and did a few sets of 3 handstand push-ups. But when I took 1 ab mat away and replaced it with a 10lb plate, I could only do 1-2. Funny how the body works, and really misses those precious centimetres. I don’t know how many rounds I did in the 13 minutes. I had a tweak in my shoulder, and rather than do the 5 ring dips, I did 10 push-ups. Apparently I’ve been doing them all wrong for 2+ years. I had my shoulders hunched when doing them, instead of my shoulders pinched together and out.

Thus, me talking about the 50 day push-up challenge, in the intro of this post! Ta-dah!

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