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Not-So Wordless Wednesday

yellow gap jeggingsScored these yellow GAP jeggings for $16 (originally $80) a week ago.

nephewsI get to see these two lil guys in a little over a week.

marketing teamOur new Marketing guy at work! He’s so fun! (I asked his permission to be on my site).

new workout clothes New workout gear is always fun. Lululemon top | GAP leggings | Reebok Nano’s.

Rouge Fitness Skipping RopeSpeaking of fitness. This Rouge Fitness skipping rope is incredible and I can do 20+ double-unders in a row with them. Missing and then getting whipped with them isn’t as much fun, though.



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Wordless Wednesday

Just me keepin’ it real, at work. ha ha!!

We held a seminar, and I’m the person who just does the technical work for the seminar. Just hooking up the laptop and powerpoint, and sit back and relax lol. I blurred out my co-workers face. Don’t think he’d appreciate unknowingly being on my site.

No peeking at my work’s website address :)

An audience member had a question. I’m literally dying inside here. Ball of nerves. Do I really make faces like that? I swear, I was carefully listening to the audience ask questions.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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Not-So Wordless Wednesday

These are MY sports. I enjoy what I do, and luckily it doesn’t ever feel like a chore. This is #MyBetter

  • Climbing: Since 1995— check out my very first belaying card (the white one was my first lead belay)!
  • Soccer: Since I can remember
  • Running: I started up “for real” in 2008/2009
  • CrossFit: Just passed my 1½ year mark
  • Hiking: whenever my boyfriend and I travel out West. 

Speaking of soccer. I’m officially coming out of soccer retirement tonight. I was invited by my CrossFit coaches to play on their new co-ed indoor soccer league this winter. Soccer is the only sport that makes me sick to my stomach nervous (besides signing up for running races), until I get on the field.

I think I’m going to hurl. We got our schedule on Monday and it’s pretty jam-packed from September-March. The reason why I get nervous with soccer, is because I know what I’m capable of, and if I don’t play to my full potential I get annoyed with myself. I know, it sounds so ridiculous and you’d think I’d get over it with time, and sometimes I do. But I haven’t played in about a year and I hope I can show my team mates how I can do, tonight.

How do you stay active?

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