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Throwing donuts

Hey guys!

First off I want to address the abundance of warm, kind hearted comments I received on yesterdays post: Getting cold feet on healthy living. Thank you guys so much for being there for me, and understanding and pep-talking me through my guilt! I appreciate you all so much :)

I took the night off CrossFit last night and did a bunch of chores around the house. Mainly because there was more Power Cleans at CrossFit and I did them 3x last week, all with 100lbs, so I’ve got the bruises to show for it, and I’m trying to let them all heal up on my quads. So ugly.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you don’t go out immediately after work. Here’s what I managed to get done last night:

Wow hey?

Today I have a guest post to share with you. Back in October I held a ‘Perfect Day‘ contest, and the winner finally had a chance to use her voucher. The winner also happens to be my co-worker (how crazy was that? She had a great chance of winning since there was only 8 people who entered into that contest.

Anyway, here she is. Take it away L:


Hi Nancy! Just popping in to say THANKS! For the fun giveaway ( back in the fall 2012). I finally had a chance to use it!

This past weekend, me and my Hubs toured to the Big City of Toronto! And took advantage of my prize. We chose the “Dinner & Comedy” option.

Along with our prize, we rented a lovely little room at a luxe hotel right downtown which was near the location where we spent our “perfect day!”

RestaurantWayne Gretzky’s Sports Bar & Restaurant in Toronto

Thanks to your generous giveaway, we enjoyed (flawless service through the perfect day company) and indulged in a yummy meal at Wayne Gretzky’s Sports Bar & Restaurant. It was pretty cool, LOTS of authentic Gretzky memorabilia and nostalgia to look at through the place and a few dozen big screen tv’s to watch the game on ( if that’s your thing). Not to mention a fully paid bill at the end!!! If you are interested… my appetizer, was a delish Carrot & Curry soup, my main was Stuffed Chicken with Seasonal Steamed Veg and a Mashed Garlic Potato, and desert… a Sweet Vanilla Ice-cream filled Mini Pie-Crust topped with Mixed Berry Coulis. Drool.

Wayne GretzkyComedy Club

Next we walked around the corner to the Second City Comedy Club. FUN-NY! It was a lounge/theatre type club where we spent 2 hours laughing and smiling at the improve and skit comedy, and enjoying a drink together. So FUN. SO Funny…again flawless!


To top the night off, we met up with a few friends, and chatted the night away at a Boutique Restaurant called Michaels until 3AM. Walking back to the hotel, I totally forgot how late (errr… early?) it was. I mean, there were still people out and about all over. I guess it really is “the city that never sleeps”! It was definitely a treat to indulge and enjoy a really perfect day out with my Hubs! This mama rarely gets such luxurious free time!

Thanks spiffykerms, and Perfect Day!


street performersPS. I should make mention of the homeless person (?) we mistook for a street performer in Dundas Square! Along with many other buskers and performers… this guy was part of the crowd. We watched as he pulled out a roll of duct tape, theatrically peeled off 3 long strips… arranged them on the pavement in a perfect triangle shape. Stepped inside the designated area… and proceeded… to ….. throw donuts at passers by and traffic! Oh my!


Awesome McMomsie, glad you enjoyed the night out in Toronto! Sounded like an adventure, especially with the dude at the end throwing donuts at you. Ha!

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The explorer family

Remember when I told you about L McMomsie’s 5 year wedding anniversary? How her and her husband both got each other Fossil presents? Well, L’s birthday was shortly after their anniversary and she had absolutely no idea what she was getting when she opened up her presents from her bestie.

MORE. FOSSIL. THINGS. I can’t even make this shiz up anymore.

I’m telling you. She has way more Fossil items than I do now! I’m tres-jealous. That’s all the french I know. Besides bonjour.L’s friend had surprised her with a Fossil Explorer cross-body purse in this super flattering color. Almost like a Robin’s Egg blue but with a touch of mint and a whole lotta buttery-softness. Bam. Like I do with every purse my friends show me, I grabbed it and tried it on and did a few twirls, patted the purse down to feel the leather (because Fossil leather’s are crazy soft) , and hesitantly gave it back to her ;) 

Here is L on her birthday modeling the purse for me. What a great bestie she has. Her outfit goes well with the purse, don’t you think?!

L pointed out that the inside straps on the purse are fabric, (see last image, on upper right hand side) and the outer is leather. It makes the movement and flow easy, instead of getting “stuck” while manourving if it were made of leather.

My co-workers and I now have the almost the entire Explorer purse collection by Fossil. Hilarious right? Check all them hanging out together in my office. They’re besties now.

Again. I swear it’s not a sponsored post. I just think it’s great that everyone I work with loves Fossil as much as I do!

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My first thoughts on Vega’s Protein Powders

Two posts. One day. On another roll. Let me tell you!

I skipped CrossFit again tonight, to attend Muscle Pump with my co-worker L McMomsie (She’s the one in the middle). She’s basically my new workout buddy and I love that she’s showing me the ropes. We’ve been going on runs together on trails I’ve never heard of, and now Yoga and Muscle Pump!

I literally just got back from doing it from the local YMCA. I spotted some baby triceps while I was in the elevator. I’m not vain at all ;)

I rarely ever publish blog posts in the evening. But this blog post had to be up before the end of July, because the product I’m talking about below is on a campaign deadline for the end of this month. I was sent some samples from Vega and received their Vega Energizing Smoothies.

You may have seen a few weeks ago that I ended up purchasing some Savi Seeds from Vega not too long ago from a local health food store, on my adventure with my friend Steph! So I’m a wee bit familiar with their products.

Brendan Brazier is a Canadian Ironman Triathlete (much like my Boyfriend — going for his 4th Ironman this August), he happens to be a Vegan professional athlete, meaning his diet is 100% plant based! Brendan is also the author of The Thrive Diet book which came out in 2007. When Brendan was training for his races he found it difficult to fuel, as a lot of the protein powders were made of Whey, which was a no-no for a vegan. He of course found some soy based protein powders but he was trying to cut back on that ingredient. (Read more about the Vega story here).

So, I busted out the first Vega smoothie I’ve ever had, after my workout tonight. I don’t know how much to measure out for a protein shake for myself, so I’m glad that they come in these one drink packets.

Save the best for last? No way folks. Have the best, first. Who doesn’t love a chocolate drink? I’ve been itching to try out Choc-a-lot ever since I received it.

The Vega smoothies comes in a variety of 5 different flavors: Choc-a-lot, Tropical Tango, Vanilla Almondilla, Oh Natural and Bodacious Berry. They are alkaline-forming, free from dairy, gluten and soy, and contains no added sugar, artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. The smoothies contain:

  • 10g of Protein
  • 5g fiber
  • 1g omega 3
  • 2 servings of veggies per serving.

Two servings of veggies and all I have to do is add water and drink it? Sounds easy enough!

I actually didn’t mind the taste of it. It was strange – not the usual protein drink taste. Hard to believe since it’s plant based but the darn tootin’ smoothie really did taste plant-y! It was interesting. The consistency was too liquid-like for me. I ended up throwing about half of my drink out. I think next time I’ll make it with milk, or milk and ice cubes to thicken it up a bit.

Unfortunately since I do not wish to drink two protein powders in a row, I cannot review all of the flavors and the different ways to drink the Vega smoothies. I’ve heard that if you add water to the smoothies/protein powders that it will taste chalk, but I wanted to test it out to give it the full effect. Since it would defeat the purpose of being a completely vegan (even though I am not one) product.

So stay tuned for the following taste tests and final thoughts of these Vega products! I plan on putting some of the next one’s to the test and mixing them with milk for a different taste than adding water to the smoothie, and I have a great plan on adding another one to a bowl of greek yogurt!

Off I go to eat my dinner. Looks good right? Actually come to think of it, it wasn’t that colorful. Tasted some good though. First time making sweet potato fries. Thanks to my besties Boyfriend on making it while I was in Ottawa over the weekend, I’m now a huge fan! (Mine aren’t as crispy though!? Anyone know why? lol)

I cannot believe that one (small) sweet potato creates this many fries!

Are you a smoothie/protein powder drinker after a workout?

If so, what flavors of protein powders do you normally buy?

How do you cook your sweet potatoes?  I pan fried mine with a bit of oil…I can’t get over how much they taste like freaking potato french fries! YUM!


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