Renting in Edmonton

I’ve stated a few weeks ago that we were looking into Calgary for renting places if we were to move out west. That doens’t eliminate though, because even though they’re located a few hours apart (right?) they’re still in the vicinity that we are looking for.

Seeing how I’ve never been to Calgary, I’ve always been a little hesitant to look there. Mind you, I’ve only been to the city of Edmonton once in my entire life and the entire time we stayed at the West Edmonton Mall. The mall has a hotel built inside of it. Isn’t that just great?

So if you’re looking to rent a home in Edmonton Alberta Canada, and you’re unavailable to actually go in the homes themselves to check it out — then just simply go online these days to check it out. Rent Edmonton is a great place to start. A site similar to that is how I found my room mates up here in Ontario before moving in with my Boyfriend.

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