Cheap tickets galore!

Summertime is probably when I get the most things done, whether it be around the house, exercising or going out to festivals. I wish I was such a keener all year round but I’m unfortunately not. Last night for instance, I went to CrossFit, I made supper when I came home — we ate, then I made us lunch and supper for the next night being tonight. Oh, and I also sewed up a shirt and thought of doing laundry but didn’t.

I love how warm and sunny it is when I drive to work in the mornings, and how hot it is when I get off work and drive home. It definitely makes me a happier person. Especially on weekends when we hit up a show or look for early Christmas presents like Jersey Boy Tickets for family members. Christmas shopping in July? Hey, it’s how I work!

Eventually one day preferably during the summer I’d love to head down to New York City and do some serious shopping while my boyfriend can scope out some New York Yankees Tickets or New York Giants Tickets and watch a ball game. Those are a bit too long for my liking, I don’t have the patience to sit through baseball. I mean, you can definitely find out some really great deals if you’re planning a tripe to the states and are on the lookout for Daniel Tosh Tickets or doing some touring around and need some United Center Tickets. Just need to do your research first and find deals, coupon codes or great deals on seats for less.

Anyone planning a trip soon? I am heading out on vacation soon. But perhaps I won’t blog about it, til I’m actually there. You know you love surprises!!!


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