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Drama Queen post, coming right up. I am SO self conscious of my hair it’s starting to get a bit ridiculous. I catch people’s eyes on my hair and I immediately get annoyed with them. It’s rude to stare. Is it silly of me to go into my stylist tomorrow to get all the blonde turned back to brown?

There isn’t any more orange.

I BBBM’ed my stylist yesterday saying I was mad at myself (I should have just said at HIM) and the color faded all out in one wash. I’m assuming he suggested I come in and get it done for free, at least that’s what the BBM implied. I don’t really trust him anymore for color, and I don’t exactly what to go at it myself for fear of messing it up. NOR do I want to spend $80+ to get it fixed at another salon, mainly because I forked out that much on getting it done a week ago.


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  1. Your hair story is really scaring from getting mine done again. I have dark hair and I want to get really bright red highlights (but that will involve a pre-bleach)…now im afraid to spend money on something which may not work out

    Nancy says: Hard to know what to do isn’t it. Sorry I scared you! Lol

  2. Oh my god you must be soooo frustrated!! I have given up on colouring my hair all together… I used to be blonde (nightmare) and I will never go back! I am almost done growing it out completely…

    I would set out your expectations and terms before he touches your hair again… I would also go back to all one colour for the time being… let your hair rest a bit after this ordeal…

  3. I’m sorry girl!!! That is so frusterating! If it were me I would probably go somewhere else and get it done and pay the money. You don’t want him to do something really awful to your hair out of spite, you know?

  4. I’d tell the stylist that you want someone else at the salon to fix it for free. It’s your hair! I feel bad for you. One time I cut my OWN bangs. Total disaster! I feel ya.

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