Psh! Well no wonder.

Well no flippin wonder I’m always running to the washroom to tinkle at work.

My freaking water bottle that I spoke about before is 24oz! I looked up the water bottle online and thought it was 16oz, but no. It isn’t. How much water “should” you drink in a day? Isn’t it like eight 8oz glasses per day? Something like that?

I know it’s a simple question with no easy answers since no single formula fits everyone. But what your body needs for fluids in the run of a day is what will help you determine how much water to drink. Well I think two 24oz in an 8 hour work day is more than enough fluid for me.

How much water (or fluids) do you drink in the run of a day?

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  1. I drink about 40 oz a day. I am constantly in the ladies room @ work! They must think I have a bladder problem heehee! If I drink coffee, add 5 more trips per day!

    Nancy says: Our washrooms are in another building (!!!), so I’m passing so many people on the way.

  2. I’ve always wondered that too, before I started really exercising I hardly drank any water in a day. When I started at my current gym they help you out with eating plans and water consumption. I now drink about 3.5 liters a day and spend a good chunk of time in the bathroom. I found this a while ago and it’s kinda interesting.

    Nancy says: Oooh I love that calculator thing! Thanks!

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