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I must be doing something right, since I was contacted for the third time by CSN stores to do a giveaway on my blog here. Of course I always jump at the chance to work with the lovely company as their customer service reps are pleasant to deal with over e-mails. Last time I ended up looking for a Dutch Oven, but realized I didn’t exactly need one, and opted for a dog bed for Alfie. He and I both love it to this day, and it’s always in our living room for him to rest on.

See? Adorable dog bed, right?

There is however, international shipping charges that aren’t covered in this giveaway only if you live in Canada. Of course I happen to live here in Canada, so that’s a pity. But I mean, if I’m given a $60 gift card, I sure as heck don’t mind paying a few bucks out of my pocket to get a great product from CSN stores, right?

Alright basically all you have to do is enter something to catch my eye in the comments. I  am undecided at the moment whether or not i want to choose the winner myself, or go the random.org route. So leave an interesting comment and comment as often as you wish!

The deets:

  • Contest open until noon, Monday August 23, 2010. Comments after contest closing will be deleted. *Obviously.
  • Giveaway will only be open to US and Canadian readers.
  • Winner will be e-mailed a coupon code for any of the 200 CSN stores valued at $60.00

Have fun everyone!

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  1. It’s my nephews 5 birthday on the 25. i’d love to get him something very special and unique. He’s got a severe peanut/nuts allergic another other allergies so he’s got it hard in life [school is touch and go .. they say they are nut free but he still get reactions].

  2. I’ve lost 70 pounds since may I think that’s interesting and all I’ve done is cut out sugar and cut way down on salt intake and no sugary drinks [water water watttttttter!] and walk/run 2 miles every 2 days. =)

  3. Are you planning on running the Mudpuppy Twilight Trail Run?? I was going to, but then I got told today by my boss that I will be accompanying him on a trip to Pennsylvania for the 25th Annual Mushroom Festival… I can’t decide which one is better – Running, or Riding in a car with my boss for 8 hours…. LMAO!

    Great giveaway btw! ;)

  4. Being a bit money conscious (even with a win…need to stretch that buck) I checked out the clearance area and found a couple awesome back packs, the Jansport reg 70 on for 34 and the blueface reg 50 on for 25, these are my first pick as they are needed for the new school year. Interesting comments, maybe boring to others but the memories I have will keep me smiling for ages…so… hmmm my summer vacation started with 3 boys, 3 jack russell terriers, one stressed out husband and a wee camper… 10 days on the road….no cell phone, no COMPUTER no internet access; no toilet on board…fantastic or shock to the system…at the end of the day there were some fantastic memories.

  5. I want some nude-colored pumps. Everyone has nude shoes but me. And I know CSN has them. Because they literally have everything!

  6. Oh my goodness so much to choose from! It was hard for me to search because I had to do it on my bb because my internet doesn’t get hooked up until tomorrow! :P but I’d go for something for either my dog or cat. Both their beds got left behind at our old place and I need to replace them! They have a great selection!

  7. Wow, there is SO much on that website! Since we are buying our first home and having our first baby there is about 34509458 things on there that I need, but I suppose I should start buying things for the baby! Liike maybe a stroller? http://www.maclarenstrollersatcsn.com/Maclaren-WOX01013-Series-EK1672.html

    Or this, which would have been my dream as a child?

    Okay actually I think I’ve decided! This gorgeous bassinet! I would LOVE to have this in my room beside my bed and have my baby sleep in this cute thing:

  8. I would buy a Le Creuset frying pan for my hubby. My girls and I got him one for Father’s Day but then I took it back after learning the paint of the orange and red ones contains cadmium (I refuse to pay $180 for a cast iron pan that contains poison – albeit in tiny amounts). Unfortunately, I decided this after giving him the pan and now he desperately wants one (in a non-poisonous colour). So we need to buy a new one and the local stores are backordered. I would LOVE to buy one for him off the internet as a (really, really late) Father’s Day gift!

  9. Oh, I sooo love the shoes on this site and the prices are quite good too. I’m surprised there aren’t more entries for this one. Not really sure why because it’s a great prize, but looks like my chances are pretty good with this contest, so I’m not complaining! lol :)

  10. because I love my cat,,,,
    Majestic Pet 27″ Bungalow Sherpa Cat Tree – 7889957804X

    great site by the way, it took me awile to look at all the nice stuff they have

  11. Did you know the CNE is selling a batter dipped and fried ball of butter… um…. ewwwww and unhealthy.. hmm… I also heard that they are selling a hamburger sandwiched between 2 krisy creme donuts… bleh wow promoting healthy choises indeed at the Ex <.<

  12. hmm somethign intere sting.. … 99% of the time things I win I either can’t use or I entered for other people.. go figure.. At least I get brownie points with people when I surprise them with the prize, lmao

  13. OK, here’s my submission!

    I have a fabulous man in my DH. We were among the pioneers of Internet dating, we met in 1999 and have been married for nearly seven years.

    He really doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t have any expensive bad habits really. But his one major vice is board games.

    Every couple of weeks he gets together with friends and strangers alike through http://www.meetup.com/boardgames-473 and they all play board games in the lcoal Sobeys community room. I’m not talkin’ Monoply or Connect Four here, these are MUCH more obscure games relying on strategy.

    My beloved hubby turns 40 this year on Halloween. I’d love to be able to give him another game to feed his habit. :)


  14. Picked up our cat from the vet and not only does he have arthritis but he needs to go on a diet too :( I could use some retail therapy to make me and kitty feel better.

  15. Help me get piece of mind! I just saw remote control Helicopters on CSN store website and my boyfriend has been going on about a similar one for months now that he wants (I won’t let him spend his money on it because I was to try and get it for him for a surprise)! Or a will treat myself to some new shoes for work since I finished my Diploma program today! I had my last exam! Woohoo! Now onto the job hunt! (and hopefully then I will have money to travel, and maybe visit?) :)

  16. i’d love to win this! chase would love it too!!!!! browsing through the site though theres a ton of stuff there….. if i happen to win chase might be outta luck! :P

  17. OHMYGOSH…Someone up in the comments mentioned the fried butter being sold at the EX this summer… I CANT WAIT TO TRY IT!!!! It sounds so disgusting, and so gross that I just must try it… plus, whats 5lbs from some fried up goodness! LOL

  18. Sweet giveaway! What would I buy? Who even knows?! I’m getting a new apartment & need some accessories. How awesome would it be for me to have a “Spiffy Lamp” dedicated to you?? Legit. I know. Thank me later. But I’m getting a puppy too! So maybe I need some more supplies. What if I named my puppy Nancy or Spiffy?? (thats not likely but I’m trying to get brownie points).. Ugh. In closing, pick me. It’s the right thing to do.

  19. Im a brand new reader, lucky you–your on my G-reader now!! I think that makes me a darn good candidate for the gift card :-D

  20. ☆•*¨*•.¸¸❤❤¸.•*¨*•☆Something intersting?☆•*¨*•.¸¸❤❤¸.•*¨*•☆
    Did you know that the two longest one-syllable words in the English language are “screeched” and “strengths”and that no word in the English language rhymes with month, orange, silver or purple?

  21. Great giveaway!

    Nice selection of workout dvds! This would help me in my journey to lose some weight. I’m always looking for new ways to stay motivated so I’d love to try out new dvds. However, which ones to choose would be the fun part! ;)

  22. I am a cat freak and I found all kinds of cutesy kitty stuff; like the Whitehall Products Garden 30″ Cat Weathervane. And OMG, look at the Casa Moda Cuddly Kitties Dinnerware Collection – Cuddly Kitties Series! Unfortunately, my husband would stroke out having to eat on cat plates! So maybe I will get the Texture Home Decor Inlaid Stonecast One Scared Cat Figurine!
    digicat {AT} sbcglobal {DOT} net

  23. I’m heading over to win.

  24. _.-“)
    . |_|_
    . . .| .|_
    . ../\
    . ./ .\

    . . (“- _
    . ._|_|
    _|. |
    . ../\
    . ./ .\

    Walk Like an Egyptian ♪♫ over to find something nice at CSN

  25. I loooooove your puppy! He’s the cutest little furball ever. And to be perfectly honest, I haven’t heard of many people talking about CSN stores until you posted about it. Coincidence? Possibly. :P

  26. I’m totally too late to enter I think….. I wasn’t sure if it was 11 am, your local time, or eastern (Spiff’s time!) But oh my goodness…. shopping addiction OVERLOAD looking at that site. I think I would choose either a gorgeous comfy arthritic bed for my doggie who’s on her last few months, something totally cute and adorable for my nephew, something funky for my kitchen, or maybe a pair of shoes if they had 5.5’s … no one ever has 5.5’s… shoes would be the least amount in shipping costs anyways haha!

  27. I had a dream about this contest last night, weird right? In the dream there were 68 entries. Since there are only 44 (45 with me now) I have a better chance of winning!

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