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Since I’m not working and actually on vacation, I decided to still take two OOTWW (outfit of the work week) photos while I was working on Monday and Tuesday. A bit boring, since I was much more excited thinking of my vacation, than heading to work. Obviously.

Aline commented on my blog last week mentioning I should do a workout outfit of the week as well. I’m going to decline that one for now, until I start working out on a regular basis. Soccer has stopped (for me) for this summer season and I don’t run as often as I’d like to anymore. I have an appointment to get my breathing checked in late September, but each time I run I just can’t control my breathing and it makes for a difficult run. It’s also difficult to get motivated. I haven’t seen my friend and running buddy in ages because of it. I keep backing out! Guilt has officially set in ages ago. I do go for runs twice a week though, and I’m going to also try to run frequently while I’m here out west. So, that’s a little update for you all.

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  1. Simple yes. but not boring. Actually the monday outfit is great.

    Anyway, i got mentioned on your post. \o/ . I only suggested it because your posts about running, soccer, gym… By the way, have you ever tried those running skorts i told you about? They are getting overpriced around here.

    I see you’re going to have the breathing issue checked. Maybe swimming can help it? I’m not a doctor, but people always suggest that.

    Have a great weekend and enjoy your vacation.

  2. Ahh, I haven’t been on your site in forever and I see you’re in BC now! Hope you guys are enjoying your trip :)
    Also, I am in love with those white pants but I am the Queen of Clumbsy and they would definitely be ruined within an hour if I tried to wear them.

  3. Hey, 2x a week is still something! That’s better than not running at all. Try to just do fun runs and not worry about distance or speed until your appointment then… Who knows, maybe it will help your breathing to take some of the pressure off! When I’m not training for i.e. a half marathon, I just run like 3x week – or as much/little as I feel like it. I try to run through new parks, different neighborhoods for different scenery. I don’t worry about intervals, I just go at a comfortable pace, and I run until I am bored or for as much time as I have before work. Take your pup for a little jog if he’s up to it too, to mix it up. Enjoy your vacation!

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