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I remember being a teenager and logging into free sites to read a Slots guide on how to play black jack, and even poker. The only reason I wanted to learn online slots was because I knew I had a bad poker face in real life. I still to this day would lose my lot, especially since I would smile ear to ear if I had something good in my hands. Over at lonelyheartscasino you can play casino games online, too. Except with money — so be careful and only do it for enjoyment (if you have the money).

Have you ever gambled? I don’t think that I ever have to be honest, so if I can’t remember — that means that I probably haven’t. I know I’ve played poker before, but I don’t think there was any “chips” involved. We were basically playing as a drinking game when we we younger. And by younger I mean legal drinking age. I’m serious.

So apparently their site is a ratings guide to the best online casinos, poker rooms and gaming sites on the web. You know, it’s something to keep you occupied if you’re overflowing with cash, or just want to take a gamble and try out your luck online before you gather with your buddies and practice that poker face! Never know, you could win the jackpot.

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  1. I played slots @ a casino once. Won a few bucks but kept playing and lost it all. I think gambling is stupid to be honest. I’d rather waste my money on somethng less stupid, like clothes. And cake.


    Nancy says: Like… CHEESECAKE? Mmm.

  2. Hey…still feeling sick but wanted to check in on some of my favorite blogs! I lost $20 in a slot machine on a cruise ship and vowed to never gamble again…that was 8 years ago…haven’t gambeled since! haha!

    Nancy says: I remember “gambling” at some tea-party for a charity. I think I bet ten bucks, and won twenty. Eventually I ended up losing my winnings because I thought I could win again. I don’t think I either, have gambled since. haha

    Feel better soon!!!

  3. Back when I was a kid in Pasadena attending the Strawberry Festival my favorite game was to put in a quarter and spin the wheely thing to win a prize, no prize, or double your quarter or something. I think I realized at that point how gambling could be addictive, and ever since then I’ve steered clear. If I’m ever going to “gamble” it’ll be with the understanding that I’m paying to have fun doing it knowing I might get nothing from it. But again, I’ve been steering clear for about 15 yrs now. (Now, I’m sure Mom would tell me that I’ve been gambling by jumping out of airplanes, climbing cliffs, talking to strangers, leaving school after dark… but that’s different!)

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