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Cheeky_Umbrella_Web28Ever since fall has arrived, I feel as if it’s been raining non-stop. What happened to the rain just being in the spring? April showers will bring May flowers — they’re missing October, November and December right? I have to say, the umbrella I received from Jen over at Cheeky Umbrella came at the perfect time. It’s a prime time of year to test out how great these umbrellas claim to be. In fact, the day I received it — it was pretty nasty outside with misty drizzle, so it was put to good use immediately.

I was sent the “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring” umbrella to review on my website. Well, as I mentioned that we’re in the rainy and windy season right now, right before all the snow bombards us; I have to admit that the umbrellas can definitely withstand Southern Ontario’s gusty wind on those gross gloomy days. The fabric is high quality, and the umbrella handle is quite long, so you could comfortably fit two people underneath. (Unlike my previous cheap purse-sized umbrella where half of my head got soaked if I let someone else carry the umbrella for me.) The curved handle is also some sort of cushioned material, so it’s very easy to hold onto, and is non-slip!

The adult umbrellas are a bit different than the children’s versions, as the adults have an automatic release button, which is key when you’re exiting a car for instance, in the mornings with your lunch tote, purse, and shoe bag all in hand. Just a simple flick of the switch and it’s open. However, the kid’s version is safer as it has the manual release. I’m sure kids would get a wee bit carried away and easily scare, or poke their sibling with the fun automatic mechanism that we adults get to enjoy.

What I love most about the umbrellas over at Cheeky Umbrella is the swanky designs to choose from. You get this burst of color as soon as you open your umbrella. Mine is a great shade of vibrant red and is always fun to open in the rain, look up and see a happy color instead of some boring black, or navy. It was really hard to choose a favorite as there were just so many neat designs. Check out what would have been my second choice: Raining Men Umbrella. Great play on words, and a great sunshine yellow.

Cheeky launched a kids umbrella section in November, so there are a whack of neat little designs for youngin’s as well. You know … Christmas is coming up and what better way to support a fellow Canadian, and check out what’s new over at Cheeky Umbrella! For all my fellow readers, we have arranged that a coupon code be set up on Cheeky Umbrella and you will be able to purchase an umbrella and save an extra 10% on your online order. Just enter the promotional code: SPIFFY and you’re set until my Dad’s birthday — January 15, 2010. I want to thank Jen for this opportunity — as she was so easy to work with!

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