Can you believe this guy?

I went to the Sports Medicine clinic yesterday afternoon about my gimp ankle. The last time I saw the Doctor was on Monday, November 23 — so I had a game of indoor soccer, a bone scan and an xray on my ankle before I got to see him again. I went in there yesterday expecting to be told that I would get some physio and/or massage therapy and I’d be able to continue on with my soccer.

He gave me good news, and bad news. Let’s start with the good because that’s always fun.

It’s just a fibula bruise that is on its way to being healed. As I was on the table getting my bone scan at the hospital, I could so tell that the bone scan was going to give great results, and it ankledid. I don’t need a CT Scan, or an MRI as the bone scan results showed a few dark spots, see in the photo? That’s my ankle! So it’s almost healed, right? I can get a few appointments with my “name twin” massage therapist and be off.

Wrong. The bad news is that this Doctor of mine, has advised me to stop playing soccer immediately and come back in March/April  to see if it has fully healed and then he can give me the go–ahead whether or not I can play outdoor soccer. Taking 8 weeks off during the transition between outdoor and indoor soccer wasn’t enough. I even missed a few extra days because I was in B.C.!

See, the thing is — soccer is the only sport that has my heart right now. I hate the gym, but I’ll go because it’s good for you and it thanks my waist line, and I don’t climb as often as I wish to because the local wall is the tiniest closet/room whatever you want to call it ever, and they don’t change the routes or holds as often as I’d like them to. So yes, soccer is the only sport I enjoy right now. I told him I’d think about it. Pretty bold of me, but I guess the news made me a bit angry. But then he re-assured me that if I don’t take this time off, it could very well  become a permanent problem which will never get fixed. A permanent bone bruise. Great!

I had a night to think about it and contemplate what I’m going to do. At first, I was upset because I just dropped a couple of hundred bucks to play this super long indoor season (beginning of October to the end of April) much longer than our outdoor season, and then I thought of just playing left wing, instead of right.

Still don’t know what to do. I don’t want to stop altogether because I love scoring and I’m totally going to pat myself on the back here, but in last 6 games I scored 9 goals. So awesome right? I don’t know. I’m not exactly asking for suggestions,  and would definitely take the opposite advice of what someone gives me because I’m a stubborn ‘taurus’  like that. I guess I’m just disappointed of the outcome.

I have decided to stop playing, for the better of my health.

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  1. Hey Nancy, i’m glad to see the problem was finally diagnosed and it’s nothing serious.

    As much you love soccer (and believe i do too), i think it’s safer to just take a break. Just remember the pain…

    By the way, did the doctor suggested any kind of physiotherapy? This would probably help the healing process.

    PS: Nice scarf!

    Nancy says: Hi Aline,

    I went to a Sports Medicine Doctor, and usually they recommend physio or massage therapy, and I was initially thinking I’d have to do that. But he didn’t see a concern for doing so, and didn’t mention that I had to do any of that. He said it’s not a muscle or ligament, so it’s useless to do physio (however, those weren’t his exact words, mind you lol). But he said it wouldn’t benefit at all in the healing process. Soooo… rest and let it heal on its own and check back in April or so to see if the dark spot has disappeared. We’ll see – I’ve decided to take up swimming and going to the gym to replace good ol’ soccer :(

  2. Well, i guess it’s just relax and wait then. Better safe than sorry.

    Actually, swimming is a great choice for exercise and would help pass time. I love when the swimming pool at the gym is not crowded so i can spend some time there. Gym can be boring yes…

    PS: Sent you an e-mail few days ago. Read it when you can. (It’s about ootd and shopping)

    Nancy says: lol got your e-mail, just didn’t know how to answer it in a post, really. I don’t do much to choose my outfits of the day. I just pick up what I haven’t worn in a while, pair it with matching pants and I’m set. For three weeks! HAHA.

  3. Wow, i envy your skills then. lol

    I asked you because i really like your style. I don’t have such talent to pick clothes that easily, specially planning ahead.

    Anyway, what about the links? I’m tempting myself to get all those stuff, including some others already on the wish-list. I hope i’m free to go crazy shopping for me in a week or so.

    Nancy says: I’m not really sure about the links – I usually stray away from “fashion” tops that could go out of style the next year, and just go with classic pieces. They look great though – especially the blazer. You could pair that with a bright colored ruffle top or something and dark pants maybe, with a long necklace or bracelet? Idk!!

  4. Have you tried spinning (indoor clycling)? I’ve heard it´s quite convenient in order to strengthen the joints.I hate indoor sports but it´s the only way I’ve found to stay in shape when winter arrives (last wednesday we saw the snow for the first time here in nordern Spain).

    Nancy says: Yep, cycling at the gym/swimming/elliptical are all great things to keep me occupied when I won’t be able to play soccer.

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