Yesss please madame!


Yes to these purses. Yes to them being just an hour drive away from me, and YES to them being my style. Love love love. Look at all of the beautifully crafted, and vibrant colors of purses there are to choose from.I’m not usually one to flock to boring brown, black, white or tan purses. I ONLY own a bright colored purse. Right now I have a bright red, a yellow, and a salmon colored one and I have a blue wallet sized … coin purse? I’d buy all of them if I could afford them.

Though, gotta admit. I find their online shop to be a little bit on the annoying side to navigate. The scrolling purses won’t allow me to click on them and I click numerous amounts of times as it’s not loading to my liking, then I get an abundance of different purses flashing swiftly across the larger image and not enough time to look at them. Ahh!

Someone needs to CHANGE that.

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  1. I LOVE colorful purses! The one I’m currently carrying is patent leather cherry red and I love it dearly. I get so many compliments! Today I ordered a patent leather plum/eggplant purse from j.crew using a rewards card. I guess I must also have a thing for patent leather? hmm…hehe :)

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