Memories from the work week

Incident #1: As I was getting off the bus in the morning, an Asian woman tried to squeeze out in front of me. Essentially because of her idiotic moves, we got “stuck” in the door way. I was baffled by her and seriously asked her this question: “What are you doing?“. Obviously she didn’t answer me. I don’t know if she was just ignoring me, or didn’t speak the English language, but the whole time her head was down and no eye contact was made. She moved, and I moved again at the same time (because quite frankly, I was initially in front of her at the beginning) and she raced off. I don’t get it. It’s the same thing with people on the sidewalk. I’m not going to step out onto the road, just because you won’t move behind your friend, or won’t move out of the middle of the sidewalk. We’re going to bump shoulders if you don’t move. More importantly why don’t people follow the universal rule of sticking to the right?

Incident #2: I snapped at a co-worker because this person keeps brining up the same subject after two years of me working there. I had enough of it, and I actually snapped at this person. It felt good, and I didn’t feel bad at all. I didn’t snap in a mean, or bitchy way. I just said I was annoyed of the subject being brought up and please drop it. 6 hours later, said perosn apologized. It didn’t feel sincere, and then proceeded to make small talk. Most awkward conversation in the WORLD, as we both knew it wasn’t genuine. (I hate that.)

Incident #3: My boss let me borrow her car. Let me give you a quick background of my driving history. I’m used to driving boats of cars (think: vans/sebrings/station wagons) that my parents used to own. Haven’t driven a car for three years as I take public transportation. I work on one of the busiest road there is in the tri-city, with like 12 lanes, everywhere.  My boss was busy and stuck at work and wanted to get lunch for us. I told her it would be quicker if I walked to the fast food place, but she insisted that I take her car; seeing how I will be buying a car any day now, and I need to get used to the area around here. Her car is a 1998 Saturn, small little thing. Easier to drive than the boats I mentioned earlier. She then shows me where the license/registration/etc is in the car. Well. GOOD THING. Because, I nearly got side swiped taking a left hand turn  at the busiest intersection I’ve ever encountered in my life, as the light was turning yellow. That car has pep. I’m not being sarcastic either. It saved my ass, especially since my five grand down payment would’ve been out the window if I had crashed. When I got back and told my boss what had happened (because i love a good story lol), she said “Oh you poor hthing” and started laughing at me. I laughed with her, because we’re cool like that.  The next day she came into work telling me she had lost her parking push button remote thing, for underground parking.At first I was trhinking that it was because she leaves her windows open all the time, but she then said it was under the passenger seat. We both laughed until tears came rolling down our faces and mascara was giving us racoon eyes. It was bad. That’s how swiftly I took the turn. Enough to knock that off the blinds of the drivers seat. I borrowed her car 3 days later,for a separate reason alltogether, without incident. Phewf!

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