We won the playoff’s for our Sunday night league! I’m still in a bit of shock over this. We get prize money too, and there’s a banquet that we are attending at some point. I didn’t end up playing Sunday night because I wanted to save my ankle for the somewhat tougher game we have in our other league which is on Thursdays. I’ve been hurting it slowly since January, and since I play twice a week it hasn’t had a chance to heal.

Thursday is a different league all together, but we still have most of the same people on our team as we do for Sunday night’s. This Thursday coming, is the last of our indoor games for this season, but if we happen to win Thursday night’s game — we win the championships there, too! How crazy is that?

Thankfully, we get a month and a half off before outdoor season starts. My ankle has been really bothering me lately, which is why I sat off and watched. Oh it was agony just sitting and not being able to play – I don’t think I’ve missed a game of soccer since I started in Ontario (except for the fact when I was in Newfoundland visiting, but that was one game). I was keeping time for the substitutions and yelling out the play–by–play telling my team mates to watch for certain players, and to “GET OPEN”, and “Shoot!”, lol it was grand fun.

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  1. Congratulations!

    Damn ankles, once you mess them up, they never recover. I sprained mine two years ago and it still gets angry at me when I dance for more than an hour or so.

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