Awaiting the warmth

Take me down to the paradise city, where the grass is green and the … guys are hotties. Oh my GOSH, I cannot wait for no socks, no closed toe shoes, but rather bare feet, warm grass and flip flop weather. I want this bikini. I very well may buy it. I cannot wait until my vacation (surprise! I booked a flight somewhere — more details in another post. Oh the suspense will utterly kill you).

I have this delicious smelling candle I got from the Bombay company like … I dunno, 4 years ago or more. I rarely light it because I don’t want it to get all used up. For some reason, I cannot stop smelling it today. I can’t find it online either. Perhaps because they stopped making it? I DID buy it a long time ago. Mmmm Mango soy candle. Smells like oranges, but … a lot richer. The description says “a blend of Tangerine, Sweet Pea and Musk”. Musk? Uhh. Anyway I have no idea when I got it. And I’m totally out of matches, sooo I’m out of luck!

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