Back to work, fools!

Took a break from blogging this weekend. Had a super awesome weekend. Back at the grind at what feels like a Monday morning to me. But isn’t it Tuesday you say? Yesterday, in Ontario we had a nice holiday which was introduced I think last year or the year before: Family Day. A nice way to break up the February woe’s. February always seems like the longest month of the year, even though it is the shortest.

I was going to make myself a delicious crunchy peanut butter sandwich this morning. But only to realize I put the bread in the freezer before heading out for the whole weekend. Instead, I have two hot dogs for lunch. I’m not a morning person.

The weather better stay how it is, otherwise my friend who is supposed to drive down from Ottawa on Saturday, may not show. *crosses fingers for no snow*

Ramble. Ended.

Good morning / So long.

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