Dry skin?

Ugh. I’m so very well taken care of at work! It’s amazing really. I had a job before this one that I thought was too good to be true, and it was in fact. I was literally given an ultimatum, so I had to quit after eight months of being there. It was terrible and it brought me down so bad.

Anyway. The past few weeks it’s been getting dryer and colder outside, which in turn makes my skin suck all the moisture out, and out comes my yearly annoyance of eczema located in different random spots each year. I have no idea where I put my eczema cream that my dermatologist prescribed to me, but I’ve been itching all day at work. It hurts! So semi–off topic with eczema, my boss came back from lunch this afternoon and bought me this Avène Cold Cream lip balm. After applying continuous hourly coats of some no name brand I stole from Scott’s triathlon swag bags I believe that this Avène stuff is really one of the better products I’ve tried. I applied it once this morning and that was that! No more reapplying—I just rubbed my lips together and they don’t feel flaky or dry anymore. The lip balm is actually pretty expensive (and French), but I think I’ll be keeping this one on hand, constantly.

My boss bought a couple of things for herself, including this really soothing thermal spring mist spray stuff, that’s almost like water. I sprayed it on my face, but nothing happened because my face wasn’t sore or anything. But I sprayed it on my arm, where my eczema was and it stopped being sore, and red! Like, it’s totally gone! Plus all that avène stuff is all hypoallergenic for sensitive skin like mine. Maybe it’s not the best answer, and maybe I should find my prescribed stuff… but I’m quite impressed. If you want more info about the product line, you can view their American website here. Annnnd, if you’re Canadian, you can get all this awesome stuff at the beauty counter in Shopper’s Drug Mart.

I am all about it.

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  1. Yeah, during the winter I’ve had that happen, especially when I wear my lululemon pants. It totally grossed me out.

    Thanks for the tip on the lotion though, Justine! I’ll use basically anything to lotion up my legs, as long as it isn’t too purfume-y or watery. I’m pretty much hooked on the johnson and johnson stuff only because of the scent! hehe

  2. I have the same problem. I use Aveeno lotion w/ oatmeal after every shower and it works for me. I also have it on my face and my doctor told me today to get a PREVEX B cream to take to redness out then use a VITAMIN E OIL everynight. Gonna try that tomorrow.

  3. My legs (usually the calves where I have socks, thick jeans, and tall boots suffocating the skin, everyday) are the driest. When I remove my black leggings at the end of the day, I see white flakes all over the inside of them. It’s gross. The only thing that has kept my leg flakes at bay is Vaseline Dry Skin Conditioning lotion. Usually uber cheap and found at Wal-Mart or SDM.

  4. First time reader, but I have to chime in! This kind of relates to your other post about possibly discontinued items, but right now I’m just desperate to find a bottle of “Olay Ultra Moisture In-Shower Body Lotion.” I very rarely finish a bottle of anything, but this stuff was AMAZING last winter for my dry skin, esp. on my legs, so much so that I squeezed every last drop out of it. I don’t know if it’s too perfume-y or anything for your eczema, but if you find a bottle and are feeling adventurous, I highly recommend it. My Loblaws and Walmart isn’t carrying it this year for some reason… I need to check out some more SDMs!

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